• Why must I get the vehicle registration number correct?

    Providing your vehicles registration number allows for that vehicle to be parked in the resort. A number plate recognition system applies and if you have entered the incorrect details on your account, your vehicle will be deemed as parking against the signage and will incur an infringement notice.

  • What types of permits can I purchase from the online resort entry system?

    Day and multi-day resort entry permits for private vehicles. To enquire about other types of permits contact

  • I am organising a school / group trip, where do I purchase our resort entry?

    Please use the schools / groups resort entry section of the website. This can be done by the individual organising the school or group or alternatively by the transport company.

  • Do I have to stop at the Resort Entry Point?

    Yes, you will be stopped at the entry point on your approach to Hotham where our staff will verify your resort entry purchase.

  • Do I need a permit if I am travelling through the resort?

    If you travel directly through the resort from Dinner Plain/Omeo to Harrietville or Harrietville to DinnerPlain/Omeo and do not stop, you will not require a resort entry permit. Your resort exit point must differ from your resort entry point.

  • Do I need a permit if I am staying in Dinner Plain?

    If you are passing through the resort to stay in Dinner Plain you are not required to purchase a resort entry permit. However, if you stop at anytime within the resort boundaries you are required to purchase a permit. If you are staying in Dinner Plain and are day tripping into the resort you must also purchase a permit.

  • What if I am just dropping off family / friends within the resort to ski or have lunch etc – Do I have to pay resort entry?

    Yes. All vehicles stopping within the resort boundaries must have valid permit – as the guests are still using the resort facilities.

  • What if I cannot make it through the resort in the prescribed time? (Mechanical problems or similar)

    Please contact the Resort Management Board Office as soon as possible.

  • What happens if I do not buy an entry permit?

    An infringement notice will be issued to any vehicle stopping in the resort or to passengers in a bus who have not paid entry fees.

  • What type of credit cards can I use?

    We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard only.

  • I will be camping, bush walking or back country skiing outside the resort boundary. The vehicle will be parked safely on the side of the road. I will not be using any resort facilities. Do I need to purchase a permit?

    If your vehicle will be parked in the resort boundary, a permit is required. The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board recognises the resort entry points as resort boundaries.

  • I park at Wangaratta Ski Club do I still need resort entry permit?

    Yes. Wangaratta Ski Club resides in the Resort boundary and a permit is required.

  • Why should I give my mobile phone number when registering?

    Your mobile phone number is your account number. Providing your mobile number will allow us to send you significant road condition updates via SMS. An SMS message will also be sent to your number informing you of your permit expiry on the day it is due to expire.

  • What if I have several vehicles?

    The Alpine Easy Access payment system allows you to register a number of vehicles for use on your profile. For each permit purchased one vehicle is nominated. Vehicle details cannot be changed on an active permit.

  • I need a Tax Invoice?

    A compliant Tax Invoice is emailed to the email account you specify when registering.

  • What do I do if I wish to stay longer?

    Simply access your Alpine Easy Access account to purchase additional days, prior to the expiry of the current permit.

Schools and Groups Specific Resort Entry FAQS

  • Who can apply for a school Resort entry permit?

    School groups travelling as part of an official Department of Education excursion by bus (i.e. a vehicle with the capacity to carry 12 or more people including the driver) can apply for a school Resort entry permit.

  • Who can apply for a group Resort entry permit?

    Groups travelling into the Mt Hotham Resort by bus (i.e. a vehicle with the capacity to carry 12 or more people including the driver) can apply for a group Resort entry permit.

  • What are the fee’s for my groups Resort Entry permit?

    Please refer to the Mt Hotham website for a full pricing schedule.

  • How do I calculate my Resort entry permit fee’s for my school group?

    School groups travelling as part of a Department of Education excursion are offered the schools concession rate, the following is a guide to work out the ratio of complimentary teachers per student.

    Primary School 5 students travelling: 1 complimentary teacher
    Secondary School 8 students travelling: 1 complimentary teacher

    Any teachers travelling above this ratio will be charged at the standard adult rate of $7.50 per person per entry.

  • What if I am staying outside of the Mt Hotham Resort?

    Resort entry permit fees are processed per person per entry, if you are staying outside of the boundaries of the Resort, Resort entry fees will be calculated based on the number of times your group passes the Resort entry points.

  • My group is not travelling in a bus but is travelling in private cars and to the Resort?

    Groups travelling into the Resort by car or standard vehicle (i.e a vehicle with the capacity to seat up to 11 seats including the driver) resort entry can be processed for those who are travelling to the Resort in a car via the resort day permit ALPINE EASY ACCESS system.

    Group rates are only available to groups travelling into the Resort on buses or minibuses.

  • My group is travelling in a bus but we have an extra car travelling with us to, are the occupants of this vehicle included in the school payment system?

    If there is a car travelling with your bus they must purchase a Resort Entry Permit online for that vehicle via ALPINE EASY ACCESS for $50.00 per day.

    Group rates are only available to groups travelling into the Resort on buses or minibuses.

  • What if my group numbers change?

    The final numbers provided 72 hours prior to arrival is the required minimum amount payable. Group organiser’s are responsible for ensuring that accurate numbers are provided to the Resort Management Board. Mt Hotham Resort Management Board employees will conduct random checks of group numbers to ensure accuracy of group numbers. Any discrepancies must be settled prior to departure.

  • I want to pay for my groups resort entry permit by cash or cheque upon arrival.

    Paying school/group Resort entry upon arrival is suitable only for groups who are arriving at the Resort during MHRMB office hours (8.00am – 5.00pm). If you are arriving outside of these hours pre payment is required.